FINALLY! I’ve got a job description!

It’s here! It’s finally here! After a 4 weeks of orientation and seeing the different missions of Frontera de Cristo, I now have a official job.

And it sounds pretty fancy.

I will be a Garden and Mission Education liaison between CRREDA, DouglaPrieta, and Frontera de Cristo. Sounds impressive doesn’t it?

What this means is that I will be working with CRREDA, a center for those suffering with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, by helping them with a wide varieties of activities. These include participating in weekly biblical reflections with the clients, helping with the Agua Para La Vida missions, going to different schools to discuss drug and alcohol prevention, AND helping CRREDA create their own community garden. I will also be working with DouglaPrieta, a community garden that works to educate and empower women by teaching them sustainable farming practices, helping them learn skills such as knitting and embroidery, and also giving them opportunities to learn and practice English. There I will be helping with their community garden and with English classes (I need to practice my knitting before I can get in on that part!).

If you took the two things I am interested and passionate about in my life (gardening and preventative health measures) you would get this job. Obviously I’m extremely excited for this job and the opportunity to not only help others, but to also learn so much from these two fantastic organizations.

That being said, I’m extremely nervous. Sadly, a large portion of what I learned in college seems to have slipped my mind when it comes to preventative health measures (thanks degree-I really appreciate it!) and some of the women I will be working with at DouglaPrieta have been farming for years. What am I supposed to teach them again? Thankfully a very close friend of mine reminded me that there is always a learning curve when you start a new job. While it may be uncomfortable at first, that doesn’t make it bad right? So be sure to follow my blog to see how I handle this new job and everything that comes with it.

Thankfully, with support from readers like you, I am able to have this job where I will hopefully be able to help my community while learning valuable skills that will allow me to help others later on in my life. Now you may be asking yourself: “What? How am I supporting Jake when he’s all the way in Mexico?” I want to say though, you really are supporting me. Just reading my blog helps more than you know, because I honestly think blogs are kind of lame and no one would want to read about my life. So reading and letting me know people are out there helps a lot. You can also support me by praying for me. I can already tell that my time here will be incredibly challenging me and cause me to learn and grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible. So praying for me and our brothers and sisters here at the border is another huge form of support. A third way to support me, which is extremely important but makes me feel so uncomfortable, is by supporting me financially. Domestic Young Adult Volunteers are encouraged to raise $3,000 dollars for their year. While I am technically living in Mexico, I fall under the umbrella of domestic YAV. But asking people for money makes me extremely uncomfortable (just ask my Dad, he knows first hand). However, at church the other week I was reminded of Jesus sending out the 72 disciples and telling them ‘stay in one place, eating and drinking what they provide. Do not hesitate to accept hospitality…’ Even the disciples of Christ back in the day had to ask for help from those around them. So, if you do wish to support me financially, you can in two different ways. The first is sending a check with my name on the Memo line to Tucson Borderland YAV
400 E University
Tucson AZ 85705

or you can go online to and click ‘Donate’ on the top bar. All donations are tax deductible and will mean so much to me. I appreciate any and all support you can offer me. Without you, this journey and experience would not be possible.

Much Love. Jake


5 thoughts on “FINALLY! I’ve got a job description!

  1. Yay, Jake! What a wonderful blog you are writing. Sounds like your job description is just perfect for your preparation and skills. I’m sure it will be great to farm and speak and teach English there. I have been wondering if you have seen any sites that are familiar to me.
    We are praying all will go well with you this year and look forward to continuing to support you in many ways.
    Peace of Christ!
    Mary Morrison


  2. pmquiring

    Dude, that sounds like an an awesome job! I can’t wait to read more about it.

    Also, I hope this means everybody will be getting amazing knitted things at the retreat next year!


  3. Raenota Merrill

    Jake, thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. It helps those of us who are following you with our hearts and prayers to begin to understand what your daily life is like. Thank you also for your honesty in describing your struggles, your joys, and your challenges. In Christ, Raenota Merrill


  4. Marlene Nicholas

    I am enjoying reading your blog. It sounds like you are having some wonderful opportunities. I know first hand by traveling with our medical missions to Africa , how meaningful and rewarding work can be serving our brothers and sisters in third world countries.
    We will miss both you and Emi in our Bible Study this year.
    My prayers are with you as you serve.

    Marlene Nicholas


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