Weekend(s) Update!!

Greetings all!! This blog post is about to cover a looooot of things (two whole weekends worth!!) so I hope you’re ready.

Two weekends ago, we had this amazing art festival come to town! It was odd at first because Douglas/Agua Prieta don’t have many people but it turned out to be a very cool experience.

The part that I helped the most with was with a group called Post Commodity (click to learn more). This is a group of native artists from various indigenous groups, from various parts of the Americas. We were helping them create a repellent fence, using GIANT inflatable globes.

An example of our inflatable globes-notice the colors
An example of our inflatable globes-notice the colors

The point of this globes were to show how all the peoples in the Americas, from South America all the way to Canada, have very similar traditions and beliefs. Even though we have these borders and walls dividing us, we are all one people. We are all human beings. The colors in the globes are colors used with groups throughout the Americas, and signify healing, the earth and other important parts in indigenous cultures. We would raise up 13 globes on our side of the border, and the team in Douglas would raise 13 on their side, signifying that no wall can keep people apart and that regardless of barriers we are one.

All of the globes for our side of the border ready to be installed.
All of the globes for our side of the border ready to be installed.
Getting the globes ready for transport!
Getting the globes ready for transport!


The above picture is my favorite. On Sunday, after church, a group of us hiked along the path of the globes all the way to the border wall. This picture helps visualize exactly what Post Commodity wanted to show. Though there is a wall separating us, you will never be able to stop our spirit, and our desire to be one people. Though Post Commodity didn’t realize it, they gave a perfect visualization of the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the walls we silly humans put up, there is no stopping God and His will for this world. Walls mean nothing to God.

That’s weekend number one…here comes numero dos (number two here in Mexico).

This past weekend myself and my fellow YAVs headed up to Tucson to spend the weekend doing various events and hanging out with our fearless leader Alison. It was great. On Friday we helped with Taste of Chiapas, a dinner to benefit Cafe Justo y Mas, which is a coffee shop Cafe Justo is wanting to build. The purpose of the coffee shop is two-fold: it will help bolster the sales of Cafe Justos’ coffee and allow them to get their name out to more of Agua Prieta. The second reason is to create a space where young people of the area can spend time that doesn’t involve the drug culture that is so prevalent here in AP. It makes so much sense! Basically all young Americans (and people all of the world!) spend their time hanging out with friends over a nice cup of coffee. This idea is truly amazing and it was great to see how many people came out to support it.

On Saturday we did some great workshopping with Alison about vocational discernment and our desires in our life and Gods’ desires for us. We also got to have a little bit of fun, which is always a necessity.

A hilarious doctor scene from the Halloween show we saw
A hilarious doctor scene from the Halloween show we saw

On Sunday, we were invited by St. Mark’s Presbyterian church to preach about our time as YAVs in Agua Prieta. It was jazz Sunday, which made for a very lively and exciting church service (I honestly didn’t always know if I was in a PC(USA) church at times). It was very moving to preach to a church who cares so much about our time of service and supports us so hardily in so many ways. We preached on Ruth, and how God uses people who are often from lesser places to create something better for our world. It was fitting that this was the Scripture from that Sunday; it made me think of how God will use me and how He already has. It was also fitting because God used Post Commodity (a group of various backgrounds and beliefs) to share more of the Love that God has shown us throughout our lives. Be sure to check back later for thoughts and sharing from our sermons of that Sunday (I can’t give too much away in one blog post can I?!). The past two weekends were full of excitement, friends, family, and love. They helped cement how wonderful of a time and experience this is for me in my life. And I thank God for that.

I also got my chicken and waffles fix. Suffice to say, it was one of my best weekends ever.
I also got my chicken and waffles fix. Suffice to say, it was one of my best weekends ever.

One thought on “Weekend(s) Update!!

  1. Bart Smith

    Excellent reflection, Jake! I don’t know what I appreciated more– your positive comments about St. Mark’s or the pictures of giant, inflatable globes. Keep up the good ministry, my friend!


    PS- Next time there is anything giant and inflatable, CALL ME.


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